Preeti Sunderaraman, M.S.

Year: 2009 – Present
Program: PhD in Clinical Psychology
Concentration: Clinical Neuropsychology


B.S. (2013) University of Kansas, Major: Behavioral Neuroscience, Minor: Social and Behavioral Sciences Methodology


  • Masters Thesis:
  • Dissertation:


  • Other Info:


    • Rehabilitation-based clinical neuropsychology
    • Virtual-reality based technology
    • Improving functional outcomes in neurologically compromised individuals

    Preeti Sunderaraman is a fifth year Ph.D. student and is currently an intern at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC. She is keen on becoming an evidence-based clinical researcher with a focus on rehabilitation neuropsychology and hopes to make an impact on public policies. Towards this end, her dissertation is aimed at investigating the influence of neurocognitive abilities on financial capacity in acquired brain injury. She has had experience in volunteering for several outreach activities in India and in the United States. Preeti is the International Liaison Representative of the Student International Neuropsychological Society (SINS), and she has helped survey academic needs in neuropsychology from students in India. One of her career goals is to mentor students of diverse backgrounds and across cultures. As the student representative of Division 40’s Ethnic Minority Committee, Preeti is actively involved in the mentorship program.  In addition, Preeti is the Student Representative of NAN Publications Committee.


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